TIMEP Briefs

At the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP), we strive to produce rigorous research, data-driven analysis, and policy tools that advance more effective policies toward the Middle East and Africa.

This monthly compilation of TIMEP briefs offers succinct, policy-relevant information on regional issues, laws, and policies, highlighting the context in which developments occur, their trajectories, and implications. Our law briefs provide insights into legislation produced by regional governments, with descriptions of the laws, analysis on their adherence to national and international legal norms and obligations, and information tracking their implementation. Issue briefs track and analyze ongoing, policy-relevant issues as they unfold, highlighting trends and implications on the ground. Finally, our policy briefs cover the policies and actions toward the region from the United States, Europe, and other relevant actors, offering greater clarity into the processes by which these policies are created and the anticipated impact on the countries toward which they are geared. These TIMEP Briefs are published and updated regularly, incorporating relevant developments as they happen.

TIMEP released the following briefs in May, all of which are found in this month’s publication:

  • A law brief on Egypt’s VAT Law, which was issued to streamline tax collection, broaden the tax base, and formalize the informal economy, explains the law’s implementation and impact on members of lower income brackets.
  • An issue brief describes the factors influencing the normalization of the Syrian regime in the international community, and lays out concerns raised over regional stability, the lack of accountability for human rights offenses, and the safety of returning refugees.
  • A law brief describes Egypt’s Industrial Licensing Law, which reduces the amount of time required for businesses to become recognized entities by the government and led to a steep increase in the number of businesses being licensed.

In addition to this month’s new publications, TIMEP updated the following briefs with new information:

  • An issue brief analyzing press freedom and other freedom of expression issues in Egypt was updated to include an analysis of the implications of restrictions on press freedom, as well as to cover the new media law and the crackdown around Egypt’s most recent  constitutional referendum.
  • A law brief on Egypt’s Law Regulating the Press, Media, and the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) was updated to include, among other things, details on the new sanctions that punish violations of the law, the spreading of false news, and the publishing of news contrary to the constitution.