Syria Unpacked brings together in-depth coverage and policy-relevant analysis on a variety of issues essential to a nuanced understanding of Syria’s trajectory.

Recent developments in Syria leave no question about the fact that President Bashar al-Assad is attempting to reassert and reconstitute his authority across the country. As the Syrian regime seeks to resume relations with the international community and pursue reconstruction assistance, and as the international community grapples with mass displacements and issues of accountability, complex legal, political, and human rights concerns arise. TIMEP’s new Syria Unpacked project highlights and explores the significance of these concerns for the country’s future trajectory. The project is premised on the belief that understanding the impact of ongoing dynamics in Syria requires a comprehensive perspective on the interplay between political, human rights, security, economic, and legal challenges. The Syria Unpacked project thus underscores and brings into conversation multifaceted and multilayered themes relating to the country’s security and governance, its geopolitical situation, accountability for past and ongoing rights violations, and mass internal and global displacement. The project recognizes that no policy toward Syria will be effective or ethical without centering the needs and perspectives of those on the ground, and will pair TIMEP law, policy, and issue briefs with in-depth and nuanced coverage of developments informed by the experiences of those who understand the issues best—most often Syrians themselves.