03/28/2014 . By Nesreen Salem

Cassandra, the legendary princess of Troy whose name meant “she who entangles men,” was a beautiful woman. So beautiful was she, in fact, that the Greek god Apollo wanted her

12/23/2011 . By TIMEP

Demonstrators gathered on Friday for a protest rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square that called for an accelerated transfer of power away from the governing Supreme Council of the Armed forces.

12/20/2011 . By TIMEP

In response to a campaign to publicize the December 18 attack on the anonymous “blue bra girl,” thousands of women and men marched into Tahrir Square this evening in what may

12/18/2011 . By TIMEP

Ongoing clashes between protesters and security forces continued for the third consecutive day in Cairo, where the number of those wounded overall increased to 441. Originating as a peaceful sit-in, the