A Note on the TIMEP Timeline

In developing this timeline, the staff of TIMEP has striven to report events as accurately as possible. The fluidity of events, however, combined with sometimes conflicting reports, means that it is impossible to say that all details presented here are definitive. In addition, the catalog of notable events occurring each day is not intended to seen as exhaustive. The reader should thus understand that the timeline gives an impression of the course of significant events within Egypt and is not itself meant to provide the last word on , for example, precise numbers of casualties or demonstrators involved in any particular event.

Work on the timeline began with cataloging the eight-week period from the lead-up to July 3, 2013 to the immediate aftermath of the clearing of the Raba’a al-Adaweya and Nahda Square protest camps on August 14. The TIMEP staff then began working back in time, going ultimately to the lead-up to January 25, 2011. In the future, TIMEP will continue to update this timeline on a regular basis in order both to expand on the coverage of past events and to bring the timeline up to the present day. The timeline will thus be maintained as a “living document” that will allow users to trace the arc of events in Egypt set off by the emergence of the “Arab Spring.” If you have documentary evidence of a particular event that we may use, or if you wish to bring to our attention a notable event from before August 17, 2013, we invite you to contact us.

Finally, in order to enhance the utility of the timeline for a largely non-Arabic-speaking audience, we have in many cases preferred English-language links for sourcing purposes.

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