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Security-Related Charges and Designations

Muslim Brotherhood Terrorism Designation Case

Court / Presiding Judge

Cairo Court for Urgent Matters/Judge Tamer Riyad

Procedural History

On February 24, 2014, the court issued its designation.


The court labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organizaton."

Summary of Reasoning

The court labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist organizaton.”

Anecdotal Notes

The court designation came after the cabinet declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a “terrorist organization” on December 25, 2013. As per the cabinet designation, any member of any group that the government deemed to be a terrorist organization would face a sentence not exceeding five years in prison. In a related ruling on April 15, 2014, the Alexandria Court for Urgent Matters banned the Supreme Elections Commission from accepting nomination papers from members of the Muslim Brotherhood in any upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Legal & Judicial Implications

Starting in 2013, the Urgent Matters Court, originally established to be a temporary and immediate court for administrative relief, began to issue political verdicts that some legal scholars argued to be in the purview of the criminal or constitutional courts. The designation by the court of the Muslim Brotherhood came at a time of serious questions regarding the politicization of the judiciary.