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Implications for Rights and Freedoms

Nongovernmental Organizations Case (Phase 2)

Court / Presiding Judge

Pretrial proceedings

Procedural History

In February 2016, it was reported that the NGO Case was being reopened against domestic nongovernmental organizations in Egypt in what is popularly being referred to as a "second phase" of the case.


The case has not been referred to trial. Though no formal trial has begun, various court hearings have resulted in asset freezes and travel bans of a number of nongovernmental organizations’ leaders and members, as well as at least one organizational closure. A number of the defendants who were handed down travel bans have appealed the decision; the appeal is currently going.

Summary of Reasoning

A list of possible charges and defendants in this case has not been made available.

Anecdotal Notes

In December 2018, all of the defendants initially sentenced in the "first phase" of this case were acquitted. Despite this, the "second phase" has not been closed.

Legal & Judicial Implications

The proceedings in this case have, thus far, brought about severe violations to the right to freedom of association, expression, and movement under both Egyptian domestic law and international law. Further, the lack of transparency regarding the defendants and charges in the case, raise due process and fair trial implications. The fact that this phase of the case has not been closed, despite an acquittal of all defendants in the "first phase" of the case raises serious questions on Egypt's own adherence to the judgments of its legal system.