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Military Guarantees Peaceful Transition

Despite requests for protests to stop, some demonstrators remained in the streets, particularly in Tahrir Square. These activists released their own “People’s Communique No. 1,” styled after the military’s recent official declarations. Among the demands in this document were the dissolution of the cabinet and suspension of parliament, the creation of a transitional government comprising four civilians and one member of the armed forces, new elections within nine months, the drafting of a new constitution, the establishment of independent labor unions and political parties, and the elimination of military trials for civilians.

For its part, the military released its Communique No. 4, which was principally dedicated to announcing that Egypt would adhere to existing international treaties and that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces would guarantee “a peaceful transition of authority within a free and democratic system that allows for the assumption of authority by a civilian and elected authority to govern the country and the [establishment] of a democratic and free state.” It did, however, also maintain the current government and governors appointed by former President Hosni Mubarak.

Additionally, in what some called “Cleansing Saturday”, many Egyptians returned to Tahrir Square and other locations around the country after Mubarak’s resignation to celebrate and clean up.