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Presidential Elections Continue, Shafiq and Morsi Top Candidates

The second day of the 2012 presidential election began today. As the voting progressed the Muslim Brotherhood quickly claimed that the candidate for the Freedom and Justice Party, Muhammed Morsi, should advance to the runoff round.

The results as reported by the Carter Center, were as follows:

Muhammed Morsi 5,764,952 (24.78%)

Ahmed Shafiq 5,505,327 (23.66%)

Hamdeen Sabbahi 4,820,273 (20.72%)

Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh 4,065,239 (17.47%)

Amr Moussa 2,588,850 (11.13%)

The top two vote-getting candidates, here Muhammed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, will advance to a runoff election.