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Presedential Run-off Continues As SCAF Expands Own Role

The second day of the presidential runoff election began today between Ahmed Shafiq and Muhammed Morsi. Whichever candidate achieves a majority of the votes will become president of Egypt.

The Shafiq campaign issued over 100 complaints regarding ballot rigging in favor of Morsi. A spokesperson called the violations “systematic.” Turnout was reported as between 15% and 40%.

While the Muslim Brotherhood declared Morsi the winner of the election and refused to recognize the dissolution of the People’s Assembly, there was no officially announced victor today. Al-Ahram showed Morsi ahead in the vote-count.

On the same day, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) added six amendments to their constitutional declaration today. According to Egypt Independent, the new amendments “will limit the powers” of the next president while also expanding the military’s role. The changes give the military the ability to appoint the Constituent Assembly charged with writing the new constitution. The amendments also give SCAF and the Supreme Judicial Council effective veto power over the new constitution.

SCAF also stated that a new constitution would come before legislative elections, though it still plans to hand over power at the end of June.