Tamarod Campaign Garners 15 Million Signatures

By mid-May, the Tamarod campaign had collected two million signatures, and they hit their goal of 15 million by mid-June – more than the 13 million votes that were cast for Morsi in the presidential election in June 2012.

As the campaign gathered steam plans crystalized for protests at the Ittahadiya presidential palace in Heliopolis on June 30. Throughout May and June, various groups announced their participation or abstention from marches. Activist groups such as Kefaya and April 6th Youth Movement were quick to announce their support, and by June 5, Tamarod had the approval of opposition parties and alliances like the National Salvation Front, the Socialist Populist Alliance, and the Dostour Party.

Millions of people took to the streets in Cairo and other major cities in Egypt, demanding that President Morsi resign and calling for a new round of presidential elections.