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Al Tayyeb Reaches out | Military Attacks Militant Camp in Sinai

The Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the most important Islamic figure in Egypt, began an attempt at national reconciliation to avoid bloodshed. Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb has begun reaching out to political parties from all sides in an effort to peacefully resolve Egypt’s political crisis. Thus far, the Muslim Brotherhood has refused to participate in efforts led by Al-Azhar, saying that the mosque and university have supported the removal of deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

Militants in Sinai resumed their attacks, with an assault on a police station in Arish. None were injured on either side. The Egyptian military raided a North Sinai militant camp, killing one and injuring 25. This raid can be seen as the military escalating its active presence in the Sinai in response to increased attacks following July 3.