Solidarity Protest for Al Jazeera English Journalists Held in London

On February 19, 2014, international journalists staged a solidarity protest to demonstrate their support for the jailed Al Jazeera English journalists in London’s Trafalgar Square. Protestors in the Square wore tape over their mouths and held signs calling for the release of all detained journalists, as well as greater protection of press freedom in Egypt. The demonstrators held several minutes of silent protest, as an additional show of solidarity with the imprisoned journalists in Egypt. Al Jazeera network, which currently has three journalists imprisoned in Egypt, participated by requesting that Internet users post a photo of themselves with a sign and use the hash tag #FreeAJStaff on Twitter. Those protesting in solidarity with the Al Jazeera journalists expressed grave concern that Egypt is setting a dangerous precedent for suppression of the press and freedom of speech. It is currently unclear whether the international pressure will influence the outcomes of the Al Jazeera trials.