Egypt Media Roundup – Apr 15, 2014

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Legal & Political Institutions

An Alexandria court has ruled that the Supreme Election Commission cannot accept nomination papers from Muslim Brotherhood members in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. [Shorouk-ar, Daily News Egypt, Daily Star LebanonRead More..

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Rights & Freedoms

The Ministry of Interior insists that security forces only used tear gas during the clashes at Cairo University yesterday that killed one student and injured two journalists. The student and journalists were injured by gunshot, and the MOI is now investigating allegations that protesters on campus were in possession of arms. [AhramRead More..

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Security Sector

A bomb attack occurred today near a security checkpoint on a bridge in Dokki, wounding two policemen and one civilian. There has been no claim of responsibility for the bomb blast as of yet. [AP, GulfNews, Al Bawaba]

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Gender & Sexuality

Two teachers in Egypt were suspended by the Ministry of Education for forcing 120 female students to strip off their clothes to search for LE40 that had been stolen. The Ministry is calling the act “sad and immoral”. [Ahram
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Foreign Relations

The foreign ministry spokesman said, in an interview with CBC, “Egypt will not allow any country to encroach upon its sovereignty. Egypt welcomes any foreign official on its land on condition that they respect its sovereignty” [Egypt SISRead More..

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Several civil society organizations, including the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Research, have issued a statement requesting that the governemtn “immediately publish the proposed bill for the state’s general budget for the fiscal year 2014/2015.” The constitution and general budget law requires the ministry to publish the budget, and the civil society organizations also requested a simplified version of the budget for the average Egyptian citizen. [Daily News Egypt]  Read More.. 

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Legal & Political Institutions

 37 Morsi supporters sentenced to 5 years in prison for illegal protesting 

Ahram: Egypt court hands 37 Morsi loyalists five years in jail for protesting

In this article: A Cairo court has sentenced 27 Morsi supporters to five years in prison for illegal protesting. The defendants were arrested during protests in December, shortly after the controversial protest law was issued.

 Sabahi camp struggling to find notability in Sisi-laden Egypt 

Channel News Asia: Supporters of Egypt candidate jostle for campaign space

In this article: Hamdeen Sabahi, presidential candidate in the upcoming elections, is facing a difficult campaign running against popular former defense minister Sisi. Sabahi’s supporters are “caught in a turf war” as they fight for campaign space. “The standoff at the busy intersection in Cairo’s working class neighbourhood of Shubra highlights the limited space available for Sabbahi’s campaigners, with almost every street, corner or square in the capital flooded with Sisi posters and banners. Sabbahi’s camp had to abandon the site and stage their rally some distance away as Sisi’s followers had already erected banners and set up loudspeakers.”

 Mansour establishes committee to amend Parliamentary Elections Law 

Ahram: Egypt forms committee to draft parliamentary elections law

In this article: President Mansour has created the committee to amend the parliamentary elections laws and political rights laws. The committee will be tasked with amending the laws to conform to the new constitution that was passed in January. The commission will have 15 days to present the draft to political bodies and the public for debate and then the draft law will be sent to the cabinet for approval.

 Former Finance Minister under Mubarak arrested by Interpol in France 

Gulf News: Former Egypt finance minister detained in France

Ahram: UPDATED: Interpol detains Mubarak’s former finance minister Youssef Boutros Ghali

In this article: Former finance minister under ousted president Hosni Mubarak was detained by Interpol in Paris yesterday. Youssef Boutros Ghali was sentenced to 30 years in prison in absentia over corruption charges during his time under Mubarak. He was detained under an international arrest warrant, and the Egyptian interior ministry is working to extradite Ghali to Cairo.

 Draft terrorism laws to be put up for public debate 

Ahram: Egypt’s interim president calls for ‘public dialogue’ on terrorism draft laws

In this article: President Mansour has sent the two draft counter-terrorism laws to the justice ministry to be put up for debate. The draft laws have been under fire from various social and political forces for wording that details vague terrorist activities.

Rights & Freedoms

 Academic research in Egypt: threatened by violence and security crackdown 

Index on Censorship: Academia in Egypt: Security forces and self-censorship

In this article: Academia in Egypt has suffered much like journalists and the media has since 2011. Since the removal of Morsi from office in 2013, “academic freedom has been further corroded both by the discourse and strategies of the new ruling power on the one hand, and by the return of university premises as physical sites of political violence.” Increased security on university campuses, and the constant threat of violence and significant infringed upon the atmosphere of learning and openness of academic discourse in Egypt. Particularly the crackdown on specific groups in Egypt by the military has created an atmosphere of fear for academic researchers who wish to conduct interviews or field research with certain groups.

 Field reporters at risk–Journalists syndicate calls for a halt on field reporting 

Ahram: Egypt’s Journalists Syndicate head calls for a freeze in field coverage

In this article: Egypt’s Journalists’ Syndicate is calling for a halt on field reporting after two journalists were injured while covering clashes at Cairo University yesterday. Khaled Hussein and Amr Abdel Fattah were injured by gunfire, while one student was killed. With violence escalating during clashes and demonstrations all over Egypt, many journalists have complained that they are targeted by police and Morsi-supporters while covering the clashes.


 Egypt’s wealthiest 20% will see increase in electricity prices before presidential elections 

Ashraq al Awsat: Egypt to raise electricity prices before elections

In this article: Egypt will be raising electricity prices for the wealthiest 20% of citizens before the presidential elections. The minister of planning has announced that the raise will be implemented “very soon” and that Egypt “has no time to waste” in this energy crisis, and that “its better for Egypt to start some of these measures at least before the presidential election, just to pave the way for the upcoming president, to make his life easier.”

 Mosques limited to using air conditioning in the summer only during prayer time 

Reuters: Egypt limits air conditioning in mosques as power shortages worsen

In this article: After banning production and imports of ‘too cold’ air conditioners in Egypt, now limitations have been set on electricity use at mosques. The religious endowments minister ordered mosques to refrain from running air conditioners before May 15, and after that date to use air conditioning only during prayer time. The minister will ensure that electricity meters are installed at every mosque to regulate usage.

 Egypt’s petroleum minister to increase supply of energy to power stations by 25% this summer 

Al Bawaba: Turn off the lights: Egypt prepares for 25 percent fuel hike this summer

Ahram: Egypt’s electricity output might decrease from 17 to 27 April: Petroleum ministry

In this article: Egypt’s petroleum minister and electricity ministry have signed an agreement to increase fuel energy by 25% at peak hours during the summer. The increase supply of energy to power stations will last until September.

 Finance Minister announces new economic stimulus package during trip to Washington 

Daily News Egypt: Government to adopt new economic stimulus package

In this article: A new economic stimulus package, which will focus on industrial, housing, communication, and tourism sectors, is aiming to “restore economic activity and boost employment.” The Minister of Finance announced the package during a meeting with the IMF and World Bank in Washington, D.C. The new package will aim to “revitalize and expand the activities of the private sector through removing the ‘bottlenecks’ facing economic key sectors.”

Foreign Relations

 Canadian FM to visit Egypt to discuss bilateral relations 

Daily News Egypt: Canadian FM scheduled to visit Cairo

In this article: The Canadian foreign minister will visit Cairo this week for a trip that “will signal Canada’s willingness to support Egypt during this important transition”.  A Sunday statement by the Canadian Foreign Ministry said that the talks will focus “on how Canada can most effectively stand with and support Egyptians through this critical time.” The statement made no mention of jailed Canadian-Egyptian Al Jazeera journalist, Mohammed Fahmy.

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