Egypt Media Roundup – May 13, 2014

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Legal & Political Institutions

The upcoming announcement of the parliamentary elections law is stirring controversy. Some media reports are claiming that the elections committee may create a mixed electoral system where the majority of seats will be allocated to individual candidates, and a 10% minority will be given to electoral lists–a decision that could be unfavorable to parties created after the revolution. [Mada MasrRead More..

Gender & Sexuality

After the approval of a draft law on sexual harassment, Sophia Jones talks to police officers in Cairo to gauge their reactions. Many officers said that they had no even heard of the law, some officers believed that sexual violence was not an issue in Egypt, others equated sexual harassment to flirting, while one police captain said “if a woman is wearing provocative clothing, the change needs to come from her.” These interviews, in a small way, show the overwhelming attitude toward sexual harassment in Egypt. [Huffington Post] Read More..

Rights & Freedoms

Ahmed Douma, an Egyptian activist sentenced to three years in prison under the protest law, and Abdullah Elshamy, an Al Jazeera journalist who has been held for over 8 months without charge, are both suffering from serious health issues while held in Egyptian prisons. Douma was recently transferred to a hospital following repeated calls to action about this deteriorating health, while Elshamy is over 100days into hunger strike, and may only have days left to live. [Ahram, Guardian] Read More..

Security Sector

The Cairo Court for Urgent Matter upheld its decision to permanently allow police presence on university campuses. The verdict mandates that security forces immediately implement the court’s decision–meaning, police forces will be redeployed to university campuses promptly. [AhramRead More..


The number of tourists in Egypt in March dropped 32.4% compared with March of last year. Approximately 755,000 tourists visited Egypt in March, according to CAPMAS, whereas last year over a million traveled to the country. [ZawyaRead More.. 

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Legal & Political Institutions

 Qaradawi issues fatwa against voting in Egypt’s presidential elections, saying Sisi took power in Egypt unfairly 

Al Arabiya: Qaradawi’s fatwa bans voting in Egypt elections

In this article: Qatar-based Islamist scholar Sheika Youssef al-Qaradawi has issued a fatwa against voting in the upcoming Egyptian elections, saying that Sisi will bring the downfall of Egypt. He said, “Sisi deposed the elected president and took power unfairly. How can we elect him?”

 Sisi’s campaign has spent $12million on advertising, while Sisi video conferenced into a campaign rally 

Ahram: El-Sisi campaigns in Upper Egypt by video conference

Egyptian Streets: Sisi’s presidential campaign has spent EGP 12 million on advertising

Ahram: As long as the army is good, Egypt is good: El-Sisi

In this article: With presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al Sisi’s campaign underway, Sisi has yet to make a public appearance. His latest campaigning initiative was via video conference to a campaign rally in Assuit. Despite his absence from the public, Sisi’s campaign has spent 12 of the allotted 20 million Egyptian pounds on advertising. According to a campaign coordinator, 6 million was spent on TV and radio as well as billboards, posters and printed advertisements while the other  million was spent on conferences. “Some companies would cut the prices when they know that the advertisement is in favour of Sisi,” he explained.

 Sabahi publishes official electoral program, supporters hold rallies in 10 governorates 

Aswat Masriya: Sabahi campaign says electoral platform coming up

Al monitor: Don’t discount Sabahi in Egypt’s presidential race

Ahram: Sabahi supporters plan human chains in ten governorates

In this article: Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi plans to hold election rallies in Sharqiya while his supporters have planned to form human chains in the governorates of Luxor, Suez, Ismailia, Port Said, Alexandria, Qalyoubiya, Gharbiya, Red Sea, North Sinai, and Giza. The rallies and demonstrations in support of Sabahi come after Sabahi’s official electoral program was published on the internet just today.

 MOI to review Morsi’s presidential pardons 

Ahram: Morsi’s pardons of Islamists to be reviewed: Interior minister

In this article: The interior ministry has formed a committee to review presidential pardons that were issued to “Islamist extremists” during former president Morsi’s tenure. After being elected, Morsi released several members of hardline Islamist groups, however, hundreds of other Islamists were also released during SCAF rule between 2011-2012.

 Seven sentenced to life in prison for blocking road on 14 August 

Daily News Egypt: 7 sentenced to life in prison for blocking roads

In this article: The Banha Criminal Court has sentenced seven people to life in prison for blocking a road on August 14 after the forced dispersal of Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. The public prosecution referred the seven defendants to trial in March. They were charged with: injuring civilians, joining a banned organisation (in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood), illegal assembly, “thuggery”, vandalism, blocking roads and possession of weapons, the prosecution reported.

Rights & Freedoms

 Protests at Ain Shams University dispersed with tear gas 

Ahram: Egypt’s police fire teargas to disperse Ain Shams Uni student protest

In this article: During a protest at Ain Shams University, students were dispersed with tear gas fired by police officers on campus. The student protesters allegedly set tires of fire, blew fireworks, and attempted to block off the road.