Second Day of Voting in Presidential Runoff Begins

In efforts to increase turnout in the election, with reports indicating that somewhere between 15% and 30% voted the previous day, the government declared a national holiday and extended voting for a third day. Several organizations, including municipal governments and the Nour Party, began offering transportation to Egyptians who wished to vote. Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb also threatened a fine of LE 500 for any citizen who failed to cast a ballot.

These efforts — accompanied by with the pleas of national political pundits — failed to overcome the boycott of youth groups and former President Muhammad Morsi’s supporters. The Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6 Movement, and the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy continued to call for their members to abstain from voting. Sisi’s campaign accused the Brotherhood of also paying Egyptians to avoid the polls. The Brotherhood’s protests were less violent today, with only two explosions reported, but election-related arrests remained widespread.

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy covered media reporting on the election during the campaign, and their report can be found here: