Egypt Media Roundup – Jun 9, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

Abdel Fattah al Sisi was sworn in as president on June 8 in front of dozens of international leaders in Egypt’s presidential palace. In his inaugural address, Sisi pledged to guarantee Egypt’s security and stability, to ensure an “inclusive” roadmap, saying each party must “listen to their other with impartiality [and] disagree for the sake of our homeland and not over it.” [CNN, Ahram, NYT, NPR, Bloomberg, Daily Star Lebanon] Read More…

Gender & Sexuality

During the celebrations that took place in Tahrir Square following Abdel Fattah al Sisi’s inauguration ceremony, at least five women were reported to be sexually attacked by mobs of men. One video circulated online showing a woman being brutally attacked by a group of men, with little help from onlookers, who instead continue to push and shove her into the circle of abusers. The Tahrir Channel, reporting on the celebrations in Tahrir showed a reporter excusing the assaults as Egyptians boys just having “fun” because “they are just happy.” [Buzzfeed, Egyptian Streets, El Watan [ar], Masrawy [ar], Aswat Masriya, BBC]

Following the widespread media attention of the mob assaults, Egypt’s Interior Ministry reported that they had arrested seven men in conjunction with the forced sexual attack against a 19 year old Egyptian woman during the Tahrir celebrations, who was later hospitalized for her injuries. Police are reportedly investigating an additional 27 complaints of sexual assault from the celebrations via videos that were collected from bystanders’ mobile telephones and security camera footage. [AP, Mada Masr, BBC] Read More…

Marginalized Groups

In a decree issued by former president Adly Mansour as he was leaving office, all unauthorized preachers are banned from giving sermons or teaching in religious houses or other public places “marking a further step in official efforts to curb Islamist influence.” [Al Arabiya]

Rights & Freedoms

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights released a press statement calling on Egyptian authorities to investigate reports of serious human rights violations in Wadi al-Natroun prison, including forced disappearances and poor living conditions of prisoners. [EIPR-ar]  


The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company requires approximately $1billion from the Ministry of Finance to import gas to fuel power plants throughout the summer months; however, the MOF has yet to approve financing for the import. EGAS also seeks to sign with two oil companies to supply shipments of LNG, but does not have the necessary funding to complete the deal. [Daily News EgyptRead More..

Foreign Relations

President Abdel Fattah al Sisi’s western advisers are reportedly drafting plans for reshaping Egypt’s economy–with major consultation from the UAE. The US-based consultancy group, Lazard, seeks to submit a series of economic reforms to Sisi, which could be used as a starting point for reopening talks with the IMF. [Reuters]



Legal & Political Institutions

 Post-Election, who are the winners and losers in Egypt’s political arena? 

Al Monitor:Egypt’s post-election scorecard: losers and winners

In this article: Following Abdel Fattah al Sisi’s election into Egypt’s presidency, Al Monitor analyzes the “scorecard” of winners and losers in the post-election political arena. Under “losers”, Al Monitor lists, the Muslim Brotherhood, Young Revolutionaries, Political Parties, and the Media. Under “winners”, Al Monitor lists, the military, the judiciary, Egyptian centrists, and government employees.

 In two separate cases, 112 Brotherhood supporters sentenced to one year in prison, and 10 sentenced to death 

Aswat masriya:Egypt sentences 112 Islamists to one year in prison

CNN:10 Muslim Brotherhood supporters sentenced to death in Egypt

In this article: A Cairo court sentenced 112 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to one year in prison on charges of violating the protest law, inciting violence, assault of police officers, and blocking a road during protests that took place in al-Moski commercial area in January 2014. In a separate case, 10 other Brotherhood supporters, including the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, was sentenced to death. The trial will continue on July 5, pending the Grand Mufti’s review of the verdicts.

 President Sisi appoints incumbent Prime Minister Mahlab to remain in office 

Ahram:President El-Sisi appoints Mahlab PM minutes after his cabinet resigns

Reuters:Egypt’s Sisi asks PM Mehleb to form new government -state TV

Reuters: Sisi keeps Egyptian premier to fix economy after turmoil

In this article: Shortly after handing in his resignation, prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab was reappointed to his post by President Sisi to head Egypt’s caretaker government, until parliamentary elections. In his resignation letter, Mahlab said, “I am honoured to, along with the cabinet ministers, present our resignation to clear the way for the choice of whoever is suited to serve the country and press ahead with the milestones of the coming phase”–however, shortly thereafter, was asked to remain in office.

Gender & Sexuality

 Anti-Harassment group condemns mob assaults and calls for investigation into all attacks that took place on inauguration day 

ISawHarassment: Collective sexual assaults back again in Tahrir Square Despite the issuance of a law criminalizing harassment

Daily News Egypt: Sexual assault reported in Tahrir Square during Al-Sisi’s inauguration: Anti-harassment group

In this article: The anti-harassment group, I Saw Harassment [Shoft Ta7rosh] released a statement explaining that they had monitored the celebrations that took place on the inauguration of President Sisi, and reported several collective sexual assault incidents. They blame the government for not preparing or preventing the attacks, saying, “it is shameful that the security leader of the Ministry of Interior did not take into account any security measures or plans to prevent such incidents despite their repetition in different events.” The group also reported that only junior officers were left to face the mobs of men assaulting women, and as a result, some officers were injured while trying to save the girls being assaulted. The group demands an investigation into all attacks that took place and to prosecute those involved, including security forces on charges of negligence.


 Al Jazeera releases video report on Egypt’s energy crisis 

Al Jazeera: Egypt’s energy crisis

In this article: Al Jazeera released a lengthy video report on Egypt’s energy sector, unpacking the years of nepotism and mismanagement and “endemic corruption” that cost the country billions of dollars. “Years of corrupt dealings and a decision to stop exports to Israel have brought a string of lawsuits. In an effort to end the dispute, Egypt is turning to its neighbour which has discovered vast reserves of gas. The new president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, faces a tough challenge in addressing the country’s energy shortage.”