Egypt Media Roundup – Jun 12, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

Former presidential candidate and Popular Current leader Hamdeen Sabahi demanded that a new protest law be created after 25 people were sentenced to 15 years in prison for an “illegal demonstrations.” He said, “targeting young revolutionaries through unconstitutional legislation is unacceptable after two revolutions…we demand a new protest law that organizes [protests] and does not prevent or repress opposition.” [Mada Masr, Egypt Independent] Read More…

Gender & Sexuality

The United Nations in Egypt issued a statement addressing the Egyptian government, calling on the state, civil society, and stakeholders to join forces and “take a firm stand against all forms of gender-based violence in Egypt.” The UN also encourages the government to “ensure enforcement of the newly adopted anti-sexual harassment law.” The National Council for Human Rights, a state-run institution, also condemned the recent attacks in Tahrir Square and voiced its support in investigating the attacks and ensuring proper legal procedures for perpetrators. [UNWomen, Egypt SIS] Read More…

Rights & Freedoms

Human Rights Watch, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Amnesty International, and several Egyptian human rights groups condemned the sentencing of 25 activists to 15 years in prison for violating the protest law. Human Rights Watch noted, “The dispersal of the November protest showed that the police regarded the new assembly law as a carte blanche to attack protesters…The verdict against Alaa Abdel Fattah and the others and the harsh sentences show that Egypt’s courts are content to enforce an outrageous law that effectively prohibits peaceful protest.” [HRW, CIHRS, AhramRead More..

Security Sector

One soldier was killed during a militant attack in North Sinai’s Al-Arish, while two others were injured. The attack is one of several that take place in the area, according to a government source, around 500 policemen and soldiers have been killed in militant attacks since July 2013. [Ahram, Aswat Masriya]


Prime Minister Mahlab has announced that the newly formed government would work with President Abdel Fattah al Sisi to carry out his platform, with the first step: securing finances for Sisi’s “Development Corridor” plans. [Egypt SISRead More…

Foreign Relations 

President Sisi met with British government officials during a British delegation’s recent trip to Cairo. The British officials affirmed the UK’s support for Egypt concerning backing for a loan from the IMF, as well as the UK’s desire to revisit its “strategic partnership with Egypt to confront growing terrorism in the region.” [Ahram, Aswat Masriya, Egypt SIS, Daily News EgyptRead More...



Legal & Political Institutions

 President Sisi’s first cabinet meeting to take place next week to discuss parliamentary elections 

Ahram: Egypt’s new cabinet to meet Monday: PM

Aswat Masriya: Egypt’s new cabinet to meet Monday – PM

In this article: Egypt’s Prime Minister announced that President Sisi’s first cabinet meeting will take place next week to discuss implementation of Sisi’s presidential platform. The cabinet’s main priorities will reportedly be to ensure the carrying out of the final stage of Egypt’s political roadmap–which are parliamentary elections.

 Amr Moussa intends to build coalition to “guard” Egypt’s constitution ahead of parliamentary elections 

Daily News Egypt: Amr Moussa’s coalition ‘needed to build new Egypt’: Former head of security court

Ahram: Moussa to form pro-Sisi alliance to ‘guard’ Egypt’s constitution

In this article: A coalition led by the chairman of the Constituent Assembly, Amr Moussa, will convene to support newly elected president Sisi and to “guard” the constitution. Moussa met with several political parties, including the Free Egyptians Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Tagammu Party, and the Wafd Party to talk about allying “for the interest of the country and work towards forming a strong parliament.”

 Former Minister of Interior under Mubarak acquitted of money-laundering charges 

Aswat Masriya: UPDATE | Egypt acquits Mubarak-era minister of graft charges

In this article: Habib al-Adly, former Minister of Interior under Mubarak, was acquitted of money-laundering and profiteering charges. In 2011 Adly was sentenced to 12 years in prison for illegally acquiring 181million EGP.

Gender & Sexuality

 State Forensics Department claims mob assaults in Tahrir were “assault” not “rape” 

Mada Masr: Forensics: No signs of rape in Tahrir sexual assault cases

In this article: The state’s forensics department has announced that the mass sexual assaults that took place during the celebrations of Sisi’s inauguration cannot be considered rape. After examining the women who were assaulted, the forensics department claimed that “it was better to describe Sunday night’s violence as sexual assault rather than rape.”

 Public prosecutor to send seven suspects in Tahrir mob assaults to trial for rape at gunpoint 

Egypt Independent: Tahrir Square assault suspects to attend criminal court in two days

In this article: The public prosecutor is due to receive the forensic report of the sexual assaults that took place in Tahrir Square over the weekend in order to send the suspects to trial on charges of rape at gunpoint. The prosecutor also opened investigations in the health ministry due to allegations that several public hospitals would not admit the victims into their facilities. “We will not hesitate in taking legal action against harassment to protect the constitutional rights of women,” Barakat said in a statement on Wednesday.

 Anti-Sexual harassment demonstration took place in Tahrir Square–notable police presence for protection of protesters 

Ahram: Anti-sexual assault protest held in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

In this article: Several Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square on June 11 to “voice their objection to secual assault against women in Egypt.” The protesters were surrounded by a number of security forces for their protection, after the protest was called in response to the mob assaults that took place in Tahrir during Sisi’s inauguration celebrations.

 Al-Azhar detainees in women’s prison brutally assaulted by prisoners and guards 

Mada Masr: Female detainees recount brutal assault at Qanater prison

In this article: Several Al-Azhar University students who are being held at Qanater women’s prison were brutally beaten by other inmates and security guards, according to the women’s families. The women, who were arrested during clashes with police last December, were beaten following an altercation with a female prison guard, the guard allegedly “incited” the other prisoners to beat the detainees. The guard then order riot police to assault the women, the women were sexual harassed and stripped naked in front of other male guards.

Rights & Freedoms

 Misr Al Qawia calls for immediate release of its member Yassin Sabry 

Daily News Egypt: Misr Al-Qawia Party calls for the release of its student member

In this article: A Nasr City court postponed the trial of 14 Al-Azhar university students charged with protesting, until June 25. Misr Al Qawiya has called on authorities to release Yassin Sabry, a member of the organization. The students are accused of protesting without notice, blocking the road and joining a banned organisation, according to Yasmina Ibrahim, a lawyer at the Al-Haqaniya Legal Centre.