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Gamal Muhammed Shehata


Shehata appears to have been handpicked for his current position by Sisi, given his short service time as head of the NMZ and rumors that President Morsi requested that Hamdy Badeen, the previous head of the military police, be replaced. After becoming head of the military police, Shehata promised to build the country and restore order, and to support the country’s political leadership.

Shehata has kept a low profile since assuming his current role. He was not a visible figure during the protests against Morsi, the army’s removal of Morsi, and the violence in the months that followed, though military police were visible throughout Cairo and were actively securing the city.

Notable Events

Shehata visited polling places during the constitutional referendum in January 2014.

After an attack on a military police unit killed six members of the security forces in March 2014, Shehata visited the targeted station and ordered expanded security perimeters for police stations.