Egypt Media Roundup – Jul 2, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

Recently a slew of rights organizations have been reporting on abuse and torture occurring in Egypt’s prisons. In response, the Interior Ministry’s spokesman, on television, stated that all the claims of prison abuse are “made up or have nothing to do with logic” also noting that Egyptian jails are “like hotels.” He mentioned that talk of poor prison conditions did not arise until political activists started being jailed–blaming social media for bringing these issues to light. [Ahram, Egypt IndependentRead More…

Gender & Sexuality 

Reuters reports on the “untold story of sexual harassment against men in Egypt”–addressing the lack of reported cases. One man speaks of groups of women insulting and verbally attacking him, and another discusses being sexually verbally harassed by a group of high school girls. The language used and conditions that the men documented in the article face are notedly similar to the conditions that women report on being sexually harassed. [Aswat Masriya] 

Rights & Freedoms

A newly released letter from Mohamed Soltan, dated in May 2014, detained Egyptian-American going on 100+ days of hunger strike awaiting trial, chronicles his arrest conditions and details his reasons for remaining on hunger strike. He says, “We were beaten, tortured and threatened of being killed, which we knew can happen as we saw people dying from torture before our eyes.” [Revolution NewsRead More…

Security Sector

Ajnad Misr released a statement claiming responsibility for the multiple bombings that took place at the Ittihadiya Palace on Monday. They claimed that they set a trap for guards at the palace that cannot be detected by ordinary equipment after spending months studying police procedures for handling explosives. They said that bombing the palace was to “”show that the less important government headquarters and personnel are much easier to reach.” [AP, Shorouk]

Foreign Relations

Mada Masr reports on Egypt’s Foreign Affairs Ministry call to Israel to “exercise self-restraint” in executing its “revenge and collective punishment policies” toward Palestinians. Egypt’s statement comes after a series of bombings on civilian sites in the Gaza Strip the day after finding the bodies of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. [Mada Masr] Read More…


Legal & Political Institutions

 Sisi and Interior Minister meet to discuss security concerns, priorities include port security and terrorism 

Daily News Egypt: Al-Sisi, Ibrahim meet over security concerns

In this message: President Sisi and the Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim met with a group of high-ranking security officials to address Egypt’s security challenge. The meeting addressed police presence on university campuses, as well as training for security forces abroad and improving training techniques. “Stated priorities include tightening security at ports, and fighting terrorism while staying within the bounds of the constitution.”

Rights & Freedoms

 High School students arrested and charged with violating protest law at Ministry of Education demonstration 

Ahram:Prosecutions charge high school students with violating protest law

Egypt Independent: Movement: Security arrested 22 students after protests outside Education Ministry

Daily News Egypt: 17 students arrested at Ministry of Education protest

In this article: At a protest at the Ministry of Education demanding changes in grade averages and generally a change in the current system, several high school students were arrested. The students were protesting under the slogan “fix the educational system” and, according to their lawyer, were not promoting a specific political agenda. Tear gas canisters and birdshots were fired at the students–and police arrested 17-22 students, according to various local sources. Ahram later reported that the prosecutor has charged the students with violating the protest law and attacking police.

Foreign Relations

 Former UK Prime Minister Blair to advise President Sisi on economic reform 

The Guardian: Tony Blair to advise Egypt president Sisi on economic reform

In this article: Tony Blair has agreed to act as an advisor to President Sisi as part of a UAE program to deliver “business opportunities” to Egypt and its partners. Blair plans to give Sisi advice on “economic reform” alongside a UAE-financed taskforce, run by a large international management consultancy. Blair’s spokesperson claims that Blair was supporting Egypt “for [no] personal gain whatsoever.”