Egypt Media Roundup – Jul 15, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

President Sisi has issued a decree to task the Supreme Electoral Commission to begin preparations for holding parliamentary elections, the third and final step in Egypt’s post-Morsi political roadmap. [Youm7, AhramRead More…

Gender & Sexuality

A new interactive documentary, called “Shout Art Loud” seeks to highlight the concerning trend of sexual harassment in Egypt using artistic and cultural platforms. The project includes graffiti art, theatre, dace troupes, flash mobs, and hip hop with the aim of “alter[ing] public consciousness on the issue of sexual harassment through street art.” [Cairo Scene

Rights & Freedoms

Egypt’s interior ministry has announced its intention to investigate an alleged torture case that occurred in a Cairo police station. The case was brought to light when a Youtube video of the incident surfaced online of an individual “who appears to be suffering, lying on the ground asking for help” and a bystander demanding that the person receive medical attention. This case comes amidst multiple reports of torture occurring in various Egyptian prisons, all allegations that have been denied by the government. [AhramRead More…


The Egyptian Prime Minister and Health Minister have confirmed that they have signed an agreement with the Gildead company to sell its treatment for curing Hepatitis C to Egyptians for 1% of the market price. “Those with health insurance and/or being treated at state expenses will be able to buy the cure at 2,200 Egyptian pounds as opposed to its real price of 200,000 pounds.” [Aswat Masriya, Daily News Egypt

Foreign Relations

Yesterday, amidst international pressure to intervene in the violence taking place in Gaza by an Israeli offensive against Palestinians and Hamas militants, Egypt proposed a ceasefire between israel and Hamas, calling for a mutual “de-escalation” that should have begun this morning. Hamas’ armed wing [the Al-Qassam Brigades] rejected the ceasefire deal, and said its battle with Israel will only “increase in ferocity and intensity.” Israel, shortly thereafter, Israel resumed attacks in Gaza. Thus far, the Israeli air strikes in Gaza have killed over 170 people, over a third of the victims children, while there have been no fatalities in Israel. The international community has called for an end to the violence, with the US siding with Israel, and Arab League countries attempting to negotiate peace to stave off regional effects of the conflict. [Daily News Egypt, Reuters, Ahram, NYT, GuardianRead More…


Legal & Political Institutions

 Morsi’s Ittihadiya Trial postponed to August 20 

Egypt Independent:Morsy Ettehadiya trial postponed to 20 August

In this article: The Cairo Criminal Court postponed the trial of former-president Muhammad Morsi and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders to August 20. The 15 defendants face charges of inciting the killing of protesters at the Ittihadiya Presidential Palace in 2012. Among the defendants are Assad al-Sheikha, Morsy’s deputy chief of staff, Ahmed Abdel Aaty, former director of the president’s office, Ayman Abdel Raouf Hodhod, former president’s adviser for security affairs, Wagdy Ghonim, FJP leaders Mohamed al-Beltagy and Essam al-Erian.

Rights & Freedoms

 Man arrested for launching anti-police Facebook page 

Ahram:Man accused of launching anti-police Facebook page detained

In this article: Cairo police ordered the arrested and 15-day detention of a man for creating a Facebook page titled “Mattariya against the Coup” calling for violence against police officers. “The prosecution has also accused the defendant of joining a terrorist group and attempting to topple the regime. Arrest warrants have been issued for three other people.”

Security Sector

 67 undocumented migrants arrested attempting to flee to Italy 

Egypt Independent:67 undocumented migrants arrested in Kafr al-Sheikh

Daily news Egypt:67 arrested in attempt to illegally migrate to Italy

In this article: Egypt’s border police have detained 67 men attempting to flee Egypt to Italy. The group included 62 Egyptians, 4 Somalis, and one Syrian who were on their way to Italy, via a boat that would take them to a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

Foreign Relations

 Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister discusses jailed journalists with Egyptian Foreign Minister 

Globe & Mail:Canadian, Egyptian foreign ministers discuss case of jailed Canadian journalist

In this article: Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister brought up in a discussion with Egypt’s Foreign Minister the case of jailed Al Jazeera journalist, Mohamed Fahmy, in an attempt to secure the journalist’s release. A spokesperson for Mr. Baird confirmed that Mr. Fahmy’s imprisonment was discussed but refused to provide details on the conversation. “The minister did raise Mr. Fahmy’s case during his discussion with his Egyptian counterpart. As it was a private conversation about a consular matter, we cannot provide further details.”