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Amr Ezzat

Amr Ezzat is a Cairo-based writer, researcher and the officer of  the “freedom of religion and belief” program at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), a Cairo-based human rights organization. His writings regarding religious issues cover a wide range of topics such as state policies towards religion, the official policies of moderating Islamic affairs and official Islamic institutions, restriction on diversity and unrecognized religious sects in Egypt, constitutional and legal developments regarding freedom of religion, and socio-political developments linked to the religious sphere.
He has published analytical reports and policy papers on religious affairs in Egypt, such as: “Why a part of the state? On the law regulating the official Islamic Institution (Al-Azhar)”, EIPR 2012; “The Turbaned State: An Analysis of the Official Policies on the Administration of Mosques and Islamic Religious Activities in Egypt”, EIPR 2014; “Permission to pray: the freedom of building worship places in Egypt”, EIPR 2015; “Restricted Diversity in State Religion: The Case of Religious Freedom of Shia Egyptians”, EIPR 2016 ​(En); “ID cards, marriage certificates and Cemeteries: policy paper towards the basic rights for the unrecognized sects in Egypt”, EIPR 2019; and “Ignoring the Dead – where have the graves of ‘The Free Thinkers’ and believers of unrecognized religions gone?” (Editor), EIPR 2021.