A Decade After the Syrian Revolution: Accomplishments and Relapses

This time every year, I look at my life and reflect on where I am physically, professionally, personally, and emotionally.  This year, however, marks the turn of a full decade since the Arab Spring—and a full decade for me as Noura. This year, therefore, is even more sensitive and problematic for me. I do not […]

The Koblenz Trial: Transitional Justice and the Work Ahead

The trial in Koblenz, which led to the conviction of a former regime official earlier this year, may represent a first step, or “a drop in the ocean,” towards what it will take to achieve justice for Syrians.

Q&A with Sana Mustafa: “We are all forcibly displaced...

TIMEP speaks to Sana Mustafa, the Director of Partnerships and Engagement at Asylum Access, about hers and her family’s path out of Syria, settling in a new country, and the wide range of challenges that refugee must navigate to secure support in new countries.

Putting Families’ Needs at the Center: A Humanitarian Approach...

Families looking for their disappeared loved ones is a painful but familiar trend emerging out of Syria in the past decade. Enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention have become such a widespread situation for hundreds of thousands of Syrian families that, as recalled by the Chair of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, “nearly […]

Kurdish-Kurdish Negotiations in Syria

The Kurdish political scene in Syria is led by two opposing parties, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC). Recently, both sides have taken steps to reconcile through direct negotiations.

Part 2: Violations by Nongovernment Actors

This explainer is the second in TIMEP’s series on HLP rights violations in the Syrian context, highlighting the systematic abuses perpetrated by nongovernment actors in Syria

TIMEP Brief: The Return of Refugees

Should governments and international institutions prematurely encourage returns, refugees may feel pressured or forced to return to an environment that they do not have sufficient information about or that may end up being unsafe, unstable, or even life-threatening for them—raising serious moral and international legal considerations.

TIMEP Brief: Conscription Law

By establishing compulsory military service and creating an expansive pool from which to draw reservists, Syria’s Conscription Law makes military service a central element of the relationship between the Syrian state and the civilian population.

TIMEP Monthly Briefs: May 2019

This monthly compilation of TIMEP briefs offers succinct, policy-relevant information on regional issues, laws, and policies, highlighting the context in which developments occur, their trajectories, and implications.