Joe MacPhee

Joe MacPhee is a Legal and Policy Intern at TIMEP. He is currently concluding his Erasmus Mundus master’s program, focusing on the international law of global security, peace, and development. This unique program results in three master’s degrees, comprising two LLMs and an additional MA in political science and international security. With a background in both political science and law, Joe has valuable research experience. Recently, he co-authored a policy brief exploring the intersection of supranational redistribution and European solidarity with a professor at the Institut Barcelona Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). As an international editor for the Cambridge Law Review and the Dutch magazine Raffia, which centers on gender, diversity, and feminism, Joe actively contributes to academic discourse and specializes in international human rights and migration. Previously, Joe served as a legal caseworker at the Miscarriages of Justice Organization (MOJO) in Glasgow, his hometown, where he also earned his law degree. His interest in the MENA region is evident in his master’s papers. His political science paper delves into the discrimination faced by the Bidoon minority in Kuwait, while his legal thesis questions the normative influence of the European Union in the context of the illegal occupation of Palestine.