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Egypt Media Roundup – May 2, 2014

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Legal & Political Institutions

Egypt’s presidential election commission has officially announced that the two candidates running for president are Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel Fattah al Sisi. The candidates may officially begin campaigning on May 3 until May 23. [Aswat MasriyaRead More..

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Rights & Freedoms

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released its annual report, with a section detailing Egypt’s religious freedom. Regarding Egypt, the report stated, “While the new constitution includes improvements regarding freedom of religion or belief, the interpretation and implementation of relevant provisions remain to be seen.” [Cairo PostRead More..

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Marginalized Groups

The World Food Programme and the Bank of Alexandria are partnering to provide poor children in Beni Suef with healthy snacks to “boost their concentration and ensure their attendance at school.” Fifteen hundred children in 53 schools — with a special emphasis on girls — in addition to 6000 members of their families, will be provided with meals fortified with Vitamin A and iron. [AhramRead More..

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Foreign Relations

The US’ recent decision to release military aid to Egypt has spurred backlash from international observers who are saying that the US is prioritizing counterterrorism over human rights. [BricsPost, Washington Post
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The New York Times and Washington Post highlight Egypt’s energy crisis in the face of Cairo’s impending summer heat waves. Cairo has seen daily blackouts forcing businesses to shut down and lose money. Allegedly, “the government is trying to secure a floating re-gasification plant to allow the import of liquefied natural gas, with talk of obtaining it sometime in August. But industry insiders say it’s highly unlikely.” [Washington Post, NYT
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Security Sector

A wave of violent attacks swept Egypt today. In Sinai, two suicide bombs killed one soldier and wounded several others. The attacks occurred in El Tor, with the bombers attacking a security checkpoint and civilian bus, respectively. [Reuters, Washington Post, Global Post, NYT, The Guardian] In Cairo, a third bombing killed a police officer at a traffic post near a courthouse, and wounded four other policemen. [Reuters, CNN, Gulf News, Ahram, EuroNews, Al ArabiyaRead More..

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Legal & Political Institutions

 ICC rejects Muslim Brotherhood case claiming Egyptian military committed “crimes against humanity including murder, forced disappearance, and torture” of Egyptians 

Middle East Eye: Muslim Brotherhood: Rejection risks ICC’s credibility

AFP: ICC rejects Muslim Brotherhood call to probe Egypt

In this article: The Muslim Brotherhood announced that it will be appealing the International Criminal Court’s decision to reject the case filed on behalf of former president Mohamed Morsi, alleging that the Egyptian military was responsible for the deaths and arrests of thousands of Egyptians. They claims that “the regime was responsible for international crimes against humanity including murder, forced disappearance, and torture.” The ICC claims that they rejected the case on the grounds that Morsi was not officially in power at the time of the alleged crimes.

 Sisi: rise in corruption in Egypt causes suffering of the middle class 

Al Arabiya: Sisi: rising population a problem in Egypt

Ahram: Increasing population is one of Egypt’s main problems: El-Sisi

In this article: In a meeting with the National Population Council, presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al Sisi addressed Egypt’s growing concerns about the population crisis. He said, “The middle class in society has suffered a great deal because of low incomes and their inability to fulfill their demands, which is what contributed to rising levels of corruption.”

 102 Islamists referred to trial over attacks on Coptic churches last August 

News24: Egypt Islamists to stand trial over Copt attacks

AFP: Egypt to try 102 alleged Islamists over Copt attacks

In this article: Egypt’s general prosecutor ordered 102 Islamists for trial over attacks on Coptic Christian churches in Minya in August 2013. The defendants have been charged with rioting, attacking citizens, and targeting the churches and homes of Copts “in retaliation for the deadly dispersal of two camps of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi in Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya and Nahda squares” last August. The trial date has not yet been announced.

 Egyptian cabinet will approve 3 draft laws relating to parliamentary elections and exercising political rights next week 

Egypt Independent: Cabinet to approve 3 draft laws next week

In this article: The Egyptian cabinet is set to approve three draft laws concerning future elections. The laws are related to amendments to the presidential and parliamentary elections laws as well as the law on exercising political rights. “The source confirmed, in a special statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm on Wednesday that Mansour formed a committee, chaired by Judge Mohamed Amin al- Mahdy, Minister of Transitional Justice, to conclude the amendments in 15 days and submit them to Mansour for approval ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections. The source added the amendments include holding the next parliamentary elections using a mixed electoral system, which combines both the single-winner and slate systems

Security Sector

 Two protesters killed during clashes in Alexandria 

Ahram: 2 Pro-Morsi protesters killed, 3 injured in Egypt’s Alexandria: MOI

In this article: According to reports from the ministry of interior, two pro-Morsi protesters were killed by live ammunition while three others were injured during clashes between pro-Morsi supporters and locals in Alexandria. “According to the statement the clashes erupted between hundreds of pro-Morsi supporters and angry locals after Friday prayers in Al-Dekhela area, West of Alexandria when the former tried to organise a rally in the area. Security forced responded by arresting several pro-Morsi demonstrators.”

Marginalized Groups

 Al Monitor reports on the Sinai region–torn by violence, neglect, and lack of development 

Al Monitor: Sinai ignored in Egypt development plans

In this article: Following Sinai Liberation day on April 25, residents of Sinai expressed their anger over the lack of attention that Sinai receives from government development projects. The National Project for the Development of the Sinai, which was launched in 1995 and was projected to run through 2017 has fallen short of expectations. A Sinai researcher pointed out that, “Talk about mega-projects for the development of the Sinai is only banter aimed at the inhabitants during national ceremonies, when the situation deteriorates in Sinai or in the context of electoral programs during presidential and parliamentary elections. Otherwise, there is nothing worth mentioning except for marginalization and neglect.” There are major shortages in residents’ essential needs in an area torn by violence and neglect. 

Rights & Freedoms

 TV Channel ‘Felool’ shut down 

Al Arabiya: Egypt’s Sama al-Masri announces closure of TV channel

In this article: Sama al-Masri, owner of the television channel ‘Felool’, recently announced she will be shutting down the channel. Al-Masri was recently released on bail from prison, where she was held on charges of ‘spreading obscenity’ in Egyptian society. Al-Masri’s announcement comes shortly after the Egyptian government announced that it will be shutting down 56 unlicensed satellite channels in Egypt.


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