Transitional Justice Project
Transitional Justice Project

Transitional Justice Project – An Introduction and Methodology

TIMEP’s Transitional Justice Project (TJP) is an innovative, timely project that addresses crucial issues at the heart of the transitions in the Middle East and fills an important knowledge gap on these issues. The project, founded by Non-Resident Fellow Mai El-Sadany and supported by TIMEP staff, enables a much-needed dialogue on the definition and role of transitional justice in the countries of the Arab world, the potential shapes that such transitional justice policies may take, the mechanisms of transitional justice that have already been attempted in the region, and the capacity and willingness of the society, state, and international community to see transitional justice policies through to their fruition.

Beginning with the case study of Egypt, a country that has undergone multiple, distinct periods of conflict and repression and remains within such a period, TJP addresses a scenario in which the need for and failure to provide transitional justice policies has been compounded by subsequent periods of conflict and repression, complicating the situation and making this conversation more pressing than ever.

An introduction and detailed methodology for the project is available here.

TJP has currently launched the Trials phase of the project, featuring the Court Case Spotlight, an ever-expanding, interactive tool tracking the capacity and capability of the judiciary by highlighting over 50 representative cases in the Egyptian judiciary.