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Protests Grow Following Ghonim Interview

A particularly large number of protesters turned out today to join those resident in Tahrir Square, with Al-Jazeera describing it as possibly the largest number of demonstrators in the Square yet seen. Given the timing, sources indicated that many of the newly inspired protesters decided to join demonstrations in response to Wael Ghonim’s TV appearance yesterday. Expanding beyond Tahrir Square, the protesters initiated an overnight protest in front of Egypt’s parliament.

Outside of Cairo, many protesters in Alexandria gathered in front of a mosque in the central part of the city for a local anti-Mubarak rally. Over 3,000 workers in Suez and Ismailia went on strike due to poor pay and working conditions. The Suez Canal Authority, which owns the companies against which the workers are striking, stressed that the strike would not affect the operation of the Canal.

Vice President Omar Suleiman warned that the “government cannot put up with continued protests for long time.” He further stated that the government would not yield regarding the protesters’ demand for Mubarak’s immediate resignation. Suleiman’s words were interpreted as indicating a potential threat of crackdown on the protest movement.