01/29/2013 . By TIMEP

Described by the New York Times as “anarchy,” protests in Ismailia, Port Said, and Suez continued today despite President Muhammad Morsi’s imposition of martial law and a state of emergency.

01/28/2013 . By TIMEP

Continuing clashes in Port Said have led to increased violence, with police failing to subdue protesters and rioters who have been attacking police stations in the city. The chaos in

01/27/2013 . By TIMEP

President Muhammad Morsi responded to the ongoing violence by reinstating a state of emergency and curfew in Port Said, Ismailia, and Suez. Port Said protesters, who had organized a funeral

02/10/2011 . By TIMEP

The Egyptian prime minister formed a committee intended to gather evidence on “the illegitimate practices” that resulted from the events of recent weeks. The committee will receive reports from citizens

02/09/2011 . By TIMEP

Following on the strikes in Suez and Ismailia, other Egyptian unions declared strikes nationwide, though not all striking workers had expressly political demands. The labor strikes included actions by post

02/08/2011 . By TIMEP

A particularly large number of protesters turned out today to join those resident in Tahrir Square, with Al-Jazeera describing it as possibly the largest number of demonstrators in the Square

01/17/2011 . By TIMEP

Abdou Abdel-Monaim Kamal, a restaurant owner from Ismailia, set himself on fire outside the Parliament in Cairo as a form of protest. It is reported that Kamal was spewing anti-government