Investigation Determines Mubarak Responsible for Protester Deaths

A government-led investigation into the Egyptian revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak found Mubarak to be “indirectly responsible for the deaths of 846 people during the [almost three-week] revolution that overthrew him.” This estimate of Egyptians killed on behalf of the state between January 25 and February 11 amounts to “more than double the figure given in earlier government statements.” The panel of judges on the commission reviewed “800 video clips and interview[ed] more than 17,000 government officials and witnesses” for its findings. The commission additionally reported that “more than 6,400 people were injured” during the revolution, including people “intentionally run over by police vehicles.” The fact that Mubarak’s permission would have been necessary for the government to respond as it did was “confirmed” by the panel of judges, who noted that “[Mubarak] did not interfere to stop [the shooting] or hold accountable those who fired live rounds.”