01/25/2014 . By TIMEP

Today marked the three-year anniversary of the January 25 protests in Tahrir Square that ultimately led to the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak after 18 days of demonstrations. Deaths

01/24/2014 . By TIMEP

Four explosions largely targeting the police rocked Cairo on the eve of the third anniversary of the January 25 revolution. The first and largest of the bombs, delivered using a

01/26/2013 . By TIMEP

Following the anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, the verdict was announced today in the trial of 21 Egyptians accused in the Port Said soccer stadium riot of February 2012. The verdict’s

01/25/2013 . By TIMEP

In renewed protests against President Muhammad Morsi on the second anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, reports indicate five and nine people were killed in Suez while around 280 civilians

11/25/2012 . By TIMEP

The military constructed a wall on Qasr Al-Eini Street near Tahrir Square as clashes continued today, drawing hundreds of protesters and tear gas from police. At least 40 people were

11/19/2012 . By TIMEP

Today marks the first anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud Street protests which left over 40 people dead and pushed the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to announce a deadline

12/19/2011 . By TIMEP

On day four of the unfolding clashes between Egyptian security forces and protesters, the death toll increased to 13, and 164 protestors have been detained. Footage of security forces relying

12/17/2011 . By TIMEP

As clashes continue between protesters and military police in Cairo, the death toll has increased to 10—and number of injured to 432—according to a Health Ministry spokesman. The report indicates

11/24/2011 . By TIMEP

Today the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces apologized for the deaths of protesters over the past week in violence centered on Mohamed Mahmoud Street. The apology found Tahrir Square

11/23/2011 . By TIMEP

The conciliation offered by Mohamed Hussein Tantawi yesterday was implicitly rejected as the protests centered on Mohamed Mahmoud Street continued into a sixth day. At least 28 have died and