Marc Ayoub

Marc is a Nonresident Fellow at TIMEP focusing on climate and energy in the Middle East and North Africa region. He is an energy policy researcher currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Galway in Ireland, with a focus on energy and climate policy and community engagement mechanisms for tidal energy projects. He is an Associate Fellow at the AUB Issam Fares Institute of Public Policy and International Affairs in Beirut, where he previously coordinated the Energy Policy and Security Program. His work revolves around influencing policy making through evidence-based research. Specifically, he advocates national energy policies that utilize renewables as a centerpiece of energy planning rather than just a policy add-on, alongside with his interests in investigating the interlinkages between energy policy and planning and the political economy considerations, water-energy nexus, and social acceptability of renewable energies. Marc participated in producing papers on how to restructure and unbundle Lebanon’s electricity sector, the sustainable transformation of Lebanon's energy system, enhancing transparency in the power sector, and energy efficiency in water and wastewater utilities, among other policy contributions and plans. You can follow him on Twitter: @Marc_Ayoub.

Articles by: Marc Ayoub

Beyond the Maritime Borders Agreement: What’s Next for Lebanon?

The long-awaited maritime border deal between Lebanon and Israel constitutes a step forward in the right direction, despite the ability of Lebanon to have claimed a better deal over the past years.