Ziya Meral

Ziya Meral is a Turkish researcher and writer. He frequently comments in international media and lectures across the world on developments in the Middle East and Turkey. He has given expert statements and talks at the US Congress, British House of Commons and House of Lords and briefed various governments. He is the author of opinion editorials, special reports and two books on a wide range of issues. His latest book was a study of the lives and thoughts of Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky and his special reports include Legatum Institute's Prospects for Turkey study. A play Ziya wrote has been produced for stage at a leading theatre in Istanbul. In 2011-2012, he was a Fellow at a US federal commission in Washington DC, conducting research on ethno-religious violence in Egypt and Nigeria. Trained as a sociologist at the London School of Economics, Ziya is a PhD candidate in politics at the University of Cambridge and a Research Associate of Foreign Policy Centre in London.

Articles by: Ziya Meral