Mina Ibrahim

Mina Ibrahim is a post-doctoral research associate at the Center for Conflict Studies at the University of Marburg and an affiliate researcher at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin (ZMO). He is also the project manager of the MENA Prison Forum (MPF) and the founder of SARD for History and Social Research (Shubra’s Archive). Mina is the author of Identity, Marginalisation, Victimhood, and Activism in Egypt: Misfits in the Coptic Christian Community (Out with Palgrave McMillan in December 2022). His other publications include articles with Social Compass and Endowment Studies and book chapters with Palgrave McMillan and Vanderbilt University Press. Mina's current research is concerned with tracing the gaps and intersections between the recent trials of members of the Syrian regime in Germany, on one hand, and the everyday, vernacular meanings and understandings of justice, accountability, and human rights among Syrians who left their country before and following the 2011 uprisings and its brutal aftermath, on the other hand.

Articles by: Mina Ibrahim

The Politics of Sectarianism and Repentance in Egyptian Prisons: Notes from a Coptic Khidma

In the Coptic tradition and theology, khidma refers to services conducted in the name of Jesus, but also other members of the divine community. Since the mid of the twentieth century, the...