Mohaned Elnour

Mohaned Elnour is a Sudanese human rights lawyer who has practiced law for over 13 years. He defends the victims of human rights violations, particularly freedom of religion or belief. He currently resides in the UK after being forced to flee Sudan in 2018. Elnour was the legal analyst assistant for the European Union Election Observation Mission to Sudan in 2010 and the South Sudan Referendum in 2011. In 2013, Elnour established the Justice Centre for Advocacy and Legal Consultations, which mainly focuses on freedom of religion or belief. Through the center, Elnour supported the victims of religious discrimination and built a legal network to defend victims. He also trained human rights lawyers and defenders in Nigeria and South Sudan. Elnour has been Sudan's CSW consultant since 2020. He obtained a law degree from Al-Neelain University and a master's in international law from Newcastle University.

Articles by: Mohaned Elnour

The Forgotten War on Sudan’s Christians

Sudan's Christian community has been consistently targeted by both the RSF and SAF since the beginning of the Sudan war, in acts that can be considered war crimes and crimes against humanity.