Nadine Kheshen
Legal Associate

Nadine Kheshen is a Legal Associate at TIMEP. She is an international criminal and human rights lawyer who has been working on conflict and human rights in the Middle East since 2016. She graduated with a JD from Loyola Marymount Law School, Los Angeles, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada. Since moving to Lebanon in 2019, Nadine’s work with local organizations focused primarily on advancing the rights and treatment of Palestinian and Syrian refugees in the country. She has advised foreign and national stakeholders about the key structural and legal issues affecting refugees and helped build collaboration between local and international NGOs to improve advocacy efforts.

Articles by: Nadine Kheshen

Nightmare Realized: Syrians Face Mass Forced Deportations from Lebanon

In April 2023, Lebanon witnessed a severe deterioration in its previous approach to dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis, marked by widespread arrests and forced deportations conducted by the Lebanese armed forces,...

Lebanon’s Refugee and Asylum Legal Framework

Given the complex and opaque legal framework for refugees and asylum seekers in Lebanon, and the fact that Syria is still considered unsafe by human rights organizations, the situation of returnees must...