Nouran Ragrag

Nouran Ragrag is a Masters graduate from the Centre of International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, the University of London. Nouran has authored and published multiple articles surrounding the Women, Peace and Security agenda in the Libyan context and she continues to research intersectional studies in the region. In 2021, she co-founded MENA Foundation, a not for profit that works on the intersections between gender equality, youth and community engagement delivering impactful projects for Libyan women and youth across the country. Throughout her career, Nouran has provided consultations to several UN agencies such as UN Women, WHO and UNODC covering pressing issues such as public health response and peace-building ownership for Libyan women and youth. She has also delivered strategic policy advice on the role of feminist foreign policy and gender programming to high-profile panel discussions hosted by international foreign ministries.

Articles by: Nouran Ragrag

Rights At Risk: Safeguarding Libyan Women’s Rights in Times of Crisis

Why a National Action Plan protecting Libyan women’s freedoms is vital amid periodic crackdowns.

ماذا تعني السّياسة الخارجيّة النّسويّة لليبيا؟

انتشرت رسائل إيجابيّة في يونيو الماضي عبر وسائل التّواصُل الاجتماعي لدعم إعلان وزيرة الخارجيّة الليبيّة بشأن تبنِّي سياسة خارجيّة نسويّة. مِن الصّعب عمليًّا تخيّل أي محاولاتٍ تُسهِم في جعل البنية السياسيّة نسويّة،...

What Does a Feminist Foreign Policy Mean for Libya?

Positive messages spread across social media this past June in support of an announcement by Libya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs about the adoption of a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP). What does it...