Wafa Ali Mustafa

Wafa Mustafa (she/her) is a Nonresident Fellow at TIMEP focusing on victim-centric justice in Syria. She is an activist, a journalist, and an advocate for Syria's disappeared. Following her father's forced disappearance by the Assad regime, Wafa fled Syria to Turkey in 2013 before completing her studies at Bard College Berlin in Germany. Wafa’s advocacy focuses on the impact of detention and enforced disappearance on families, the rights of refugees, and the urgency of international justice and accountability for the crimes of the Assad regime. Recently, she co-founded the Free Syria’s Disappeared coalition, which fights for freedom and safety for all of Syria’s disappeared through awareness-raising efforts and campaigns. Wafa is also a member of civil society communities in Syria and across the region. You can follow her on Twitter: @wafamustafa9.

Articles by: Wafa Ali Mustafa

Cruelty, Torture, and Disappearance in Assad’s Syria: Thirteen Years and Counting

In an instant, my family—just like dozens of thousands of families in Syria—was shattered with my father's disappearance, marking the end of one life and the painful birth of another.