Yahia Shawkat

Yahia Shawkat is the co-founder and research coordinator of the 10 Tooba research studio, Cairo. There he edits its Built Environment Observatory, a web portal investigating the commodification of land and housing, as well as proposing equitable housing policies and strategies. Yahia authored Egypt’s Housing Crisis: The Shaping of Urban Space (AUC Press, 2020), and co-edited Nashtari kul shay’ (We Buy Everything), (Dar al-Maraya, 2022).

Articles by: Yahia Shawkat

Understanding Egypt’s Ras Al-Hekma Land Deal: No Panacea

A complicated arrangement with key details missing, yet brandished as a turning point in the Egyptian economy: Is Ras Al-Hekma really going to save Egypt from its worst economic crisis?