Yasmin Omar

Yasmin Omar is a resident fellow at TIMEP. She has been practicing as a human rights lawyer for the last nine years. She has worked with several NGOs in Egypt and is a member of the Front of Defense for Egyptian Protesters. She holds an L.L.M. from Syracuse University with a focus on counter-terrorism, national security, and refugee and asylum law.

Articles by: Yasmin Omar

Access to Information Laws in MENA

In a new four-part series, our authors unpack the importance of this right in the MENA region, focusing on Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon, and speaking to stakeholders on prospects for reform.

Access to Information in Jordan

Although Jordan has a law to guarantee access to information, its vagueness, exceptions regime, and relationship with the larger legal framework are limitations.

Access to Information Laws in MENA: Spotlight on Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon

In this series, we do deep dives into the legal frameworks of three MENA countries: Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon.