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Illuminating Policies and Perspectives of Syria’s Women: TIMEP and News Deeply Launch Partnership to Deliver Reports and Policy Briefs

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is pleased to announce a partnership with News Deeply that seeks to amplify narratives of Syrian women and to examine relevant local and international policies through a six-part series, Syria’s Women: Policies and Perspectives. This project aims to disrupt narratives of victimhood, providing in-depth analysis of critical issues facing both women who have fled the violence and those who have remained, while expanding conceptions of Syrian womanhood to policymakers and the public.

Over the course of this year, TIMEP and News Deeply will publish bi-weekly, complementary pieces on specific issues within broader themes of women’s access to education, healthcare, violence against women, peacebuilding efforts, participation in the economy and media, arts and culture. News Deeply’s intimate, interview-based portraits highlight individual experience in the face of inhuman violence, while TIMEP’s policy briefs will provide historical and policy framework with which to ground the project. The reports and policy briefs will be distributed to leading think-tanks, foundations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. If your organization would like to receive these reports and policy briefs, please email us at They will also be available to the public on TIMEP and News Deeply’s sites, beginning with today’s content.

“We’re delighted to be working with News Deeply on Syria’s Women: Policies and Perspectives to disrupt stereotypical narratives and highlight individual women actors in Syria,” said TIMEP Executive Director Dr. Nancy Okail. “Combined with TIMEP’s nuanced analysis, we hope to create an impactful contribution to crucial conversations on Syria.”

“This is a vitally important project that brings awareness and understanding to the issues shaping women’s lives in Syria,” said Lara Setrakian, cofounder and CEO of News Deeply. “Though it’s rarely recognized, women are at the heart of efforts to bring the Syrian conflict to an end. They are an essential force in rebuilding and rehabilitating the country. Global policymakers would be wise to engage their perspectives and insights more closely.”

The first pieces of Syria’s Women: Policies and Perspectives center on the theme of education. The policy brief and the report on women’s access to education in Syria can be found here.

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of democratic transitions in the Middle East through analysis, advocacy, and action. News Deeply is a new media company dedicated to covering the world’s most important—and often underreported—stories by building single-topic news communities.

For more information about Syria’s Women: Policies and Perspectives and other TIMEP partnerships, please contact Sara Abdel Rahim at