Not many political regimes can withstand the aftermath of a man-made economic collapse and an avoidable explosion that left the city in ruins, all while evading accountability. However, the suspects in the Beirut blast have thus far succeeded in…

In April 2023, Lebanon witnessed a severe deterioration in its previous approach to dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis, marked by widespread arrests and forced deportations conducted by the Lebanese armed forces, fueled by hate speech and misinformation.

After enduring over three years of a fiscal and institutional crisis, Lebanese municipalities find themselves devoid of a well-defined economic identity, and lack in resources and the strategic foresight necessary for comprehensive development

January 1, 1970
Is Algeria Ready to Join BRICS?
May 9, 2023

Despite its economic shortcomings, Algeria’s geographic position, fast-growing population, and warm relations with all BRICS countries, makes its bid a strong one.

“The events that have taken place in Sudan since 2019 prove that democracy and security cannot be thought of separately: they both must be worked on together as part of one process,” TIMEP Nonresident Fellow Hamid Khalafallah says.

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Latest analysis

Even if a person is intersex, they are still expected to be assigned a binary gender…

Latest analysis

The Egyptian regime and the security authorities adopt a specific approach in dealing with women prisoners,…

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a critical role to play across the Middle East and…

Even if a person is intersex, they are still expected to be assigned a binary gender…

While the days of the Hirak movement seemed to suggest that Algeria was heading towards the…

Despite strong international support, Sudan's political process has received mixed domestic reactions, ranging from traditional pro-democracy…

Since Saied’s power grab on July 25, 2021, political and judicial developments in Tunisia have raised…


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