In the last few years, the Egyptian state has been promoting a nationalist discourse that encourages pharaonic identity politics, known as neo-pharaonism.

Egypt’s education system has long been criticized for an increasing intrusion of religious discourse in its curricula. What has that looked like, and how has the Egyptian government responded?

Due to a rapidly deteriorating economy and skyrocketing poverty levels in Lebanon, social protection programs are now more important than ever. Can the World Bank supported social protection program offer an optimistic first step for more long-term, sustainable welfare…

Cairo is home to countless historical cemeteries that boast the city’s rich heritage, culture and architecture. However, these sites are currently getting demolished due to creeping urban development plans.

While digital spaces have often been a haven for queer communities and movements in the MENA region, governments are increasingly compromising these spaces through entrapment, blackmail, arrests, and persecution.

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TIMEP works to bring about transparent, accountable, and just societies in the MENA region by centering the advocates at the heart of these visions for the future.


We create platforms for their voices to be heard.


We build the space for them to connect with each other and the global community, investing in networks, linkages, and the tools that make them stronger.


We protect them and the environments in which they exist when they come under attack.

Latest analysis

As Tunisia becomes increasingly hostile and Europe opts for border externalization, refugees and asylum seekers find…

Latest analysis

For decades, domestic, regional, and international political actors have worked toward peace while eschewing justice. Civil…

An updated family law is anticipated to be unveiled in the fall, after sustained advocacy by…

As Tunisia becomes increasingly hostile and Europe opts for border externalization, refugees and asylum seekers find…

The Tunisian islands of Kerkennah stand to be gravely affected by climate change and specifically, rising…

President Kais Saied’s power grab on July 25, 2021 and subsequent rule by executive decree has…

The last few years have seen the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) catapult into political power and…


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