Female Protester Dragged by Military Forces

Ongoing clashes between protesters and security forces continued for the third consecutive day in Cairo, where the number of those wounded overall increased to 441. Originating as a peaceful sit-in, the level of violence quickly escalated as a crackdown by the security forces on protesters began. Further protests today were reportedly fueled by the “unofficial results from [the] second round of voting in parliamentary elections[, which] show the continued dominance of Islamist parties at the polls.”

Amidst ongoing protests against the military-led government, security forces attacked a young, abaya-clad woman, with video showing her being dragged and beaten before having her clothes torn off to reveal a blue bra. The footage of the “blue bra girl” would circulate on social media, and the image of the young woman being so violently treated by the security forces became a visual symbol of abuse of power by the Egyptian military.