12/20/2011 . By TIMEP

In response to a campaign to publicize the December 18 attack on the anonymous “blue bra girl,” thousands of women and men marched into Tahrir Square this evening in what may

12/19/2011 . By TIMEP

On day four of the unfolding clashes between Egyptian security forces and protesters, the death toll increased to 13, and 164 protestors have been detained. Footage of security forces relying

12/18/2011 . By TIMEP

Ongoing clashes between protesters and security forces continued for the third consecutive day in Cairo, where the number of those wounded overall increased to 441. Originating as a peaceful sit-in, the

12/17/2011 . By TIMEP

As clashes continue between protesters and military police in Cairo, the death toll has increased to 10—and number of injured to 432—according to a Health Ministry spokesman. The report indicates

12/16/2011 . By TIMEP

Clashes renewed today as protesters outside the Cabinet and Parliament buildings, located close to Tahrir Square in Cairo, were violently cleared by military police. The protesters, who have been camped for