Habiba Abdelaal

Habiba Abdelaal is a former Nonresident Fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP); at TIMEP, her mandate focused on on sexual and gender-based violence in Egypt. She is currently a program associate for the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program at IREX focusing on coaching and mentoring a portfolio of participants, corresponding with participants and partners, and supporting participant and alumni activities in Tunisia. She is a public administrator and program specialist focusing on women and gender studies. She has volunteered and worked in many NGOs, civic initiatives, and social institutions in Egypt, across the MENA region, and in the United States—including grassroots Egyptian organizations fighting sexual assault such as Imprint and Harassmap—UN Women, The AHA Foundation, The Goethe Institute, and the Ohio University’s Women’s Center. You can follow her on Twitter at @habiba_abdelaal.

Articles by: Habiba Abdelaal

Cyber Violence and Women in Egypt

While increasing access to the internet aims to pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive world, the weaponization of the internet and other technologies against women has grown commonplace. The...

Sexual Harassment Laws in Egypt: Does Stricter Mean More Effective?

In Egypt, sexual harassment is a major public threat against women which there has been no sustainable policy or practice.

Marital Rape in Egypt: Between Legal Gaps and Social Views

Marital rape is not criminalized in Egypt, and Dar Al Iftaa and Al-Azhar—the country's highest religious authorities—have both declined to issue fatwas on the subject.