Lamine Benghazi

Lamine Benghazi is a former Nonresident Fellow at TIMEP focusing on rule of law and the judiciary in Tunisia, with particular attention to criminal justice reform, transitional justice, and the independence of the judiciary. He is currently heading the Justice and Rule of Law program at Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) in Tunisia, an international NGO promoting human rights and access to justice. Before joining ASF, Lamine was responsible for Marsad Majles, the parliament observation program at Al Bawsala, where he remains a board member. Prior to his return to Tunisia and his engagement with civil society, Lamine lived in France and in China where he studied Mandarin Chinese and worked in the startup industry. He holds an MA in Media and Politics in the Middle East from SOAS University in London.

Articles by: Lamine Benghazi

Tunisia’s 2024 Presidential Race: Elections, No Elections, and Under What Conditions?

The risks that lie ahead in Tunisia’s election year suggest that President Saied’s regime has placed the country's democracy under a severe threat.

The Suffocation of Civil Society in Tunisia: A Chronicle of a Slow Constriction

Once celebrated as a shining achievement of the Tunisian revolution, civil society in Tunisia now finds itself grappling with persistent challenges, and its very survival is hanging in the balance.

July 25, Two Years On: Lessons Learned from Tunisia

Tunisia has seen a rapid authoritarian encroachment by President Kais Saied since July 25, 2021. What lessons can we learn and apply to the actors resisting this change?