Mat Nashed

Mat Nashed is a journalist and analyst specializing in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the last decade, he has written extensively on state repression, geopolitics, and the plight of migrants and refugees. He has reported from Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Sudan, with bylines appearing in a number of media and policy-oriented publications such as Al-Jazeera English, TIME, Newlines Institute, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and VICE.

Articles by: Mat Nashed

إدانة المحاكمات الصورية في السودان: ما بين فشل الغرب وتواطؤ المجلس العسكري

اتهم المجلس العسكري الشباب، بعضهم في سن المراهقة من خلفيات متواضعة، بقتل قوات الأمن. وتعرَّض أولئك الذين يُواجهون مثل هذه التهم الجنائية الخطيرة للاختفاء القسري، والحرمان مِن الإجراءات القانونية الواجبة، وبلغ الأمر...

In Sudan, Western Officials Fail to Condemn Sham Trials

Since Sudan’s October 25, 2021 coup, the putschists have portrayed a non-violent protest movement as a threat to peace and security in order to justify repression against civilians, both to their own...