Omar Taleb

Omar Taleb is a Lebanese human rights lawyer with over eight years of experience in litigation. He also does qualitative and quantitative research for a multitude of local and international organizations, much of which were published. Omar currently focuses on strategic litigation and advocacy. As such, he provides protection for marginalized groups, from survivors of domestic violence, migrant domestic workers, children at risk, and ensuring legal guarantees for detainees, all while constantly calling officials to uphold the rule of law, through providing contemporary local and international legal jurisprudences and contemporary interpretation of legal scripts.

Articles by: Omar Taleb

Death in Lebanon’s Interrogation Centers

Law 191 is a legislative victory as it provides basic defense guarantees for a person suspected of a crime in Lebanon. In practice, however, some security agencies still do not respect or...

عن الموت بأقبية مراكز التحقيق في لبنان رغم إقرار ضمانات حقوقية للمحتجزين

ويبقى السؤال الأساسي كيف تحصل هذه الخروقات الفاضحة في لبنان في ظل وجود قوانين تضمن حقوق المُحتجزين أثناء التحقيقات الأولية، هل فعلياً هذه القوانين تُعتبر حبراً على ورق، وهل الضمانات الحقوقية تقتصر...