A close up of the sign on the Palace of Justice in Beirut, Lebanon. (Photo by Diego Ibarra Sanchez/Getty Images)

Lawyering for Change

Across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, lawyers work to support those organizing on-the-ground; to mobilize the legal community; and to bring about systemic change. In Lawyering for Change, TIMEPs Legal Unit conducts a series of interviews with lawyers, legal practitioners, and academics who explore the role that lawyers have played throughout the regions protest movements and revolutions over the last decade.

  • Ahmed Ezzat discusses Egypt’s history of cause lawyering, the state’s crackdown against the legal community, and the critical role lawyers continue to play.
  • Karim Nammour explains the role lawyers have played amid protests in Lebanon and discusses current and future challenges for Lebanese legal professionals.
  • Bonyan Jamal weighs in on the challenges on the ground in Yemen facing her and colleagues and explains the role lawyers have played there over the past decade.
  • Joumana Seif describes the role that lawyers played at the onset of the 2011 protests in Syria and how that role has evolved in the years since amid conflict.