08/15/2013 . By TIMEP

Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim authorized police to use deadly force to protect themselves and state institutions as violence broke out across Egypt in response to the government’s decision to forcibly

08/14/2013 . By TIMEP

The government took decisive action against the protest camps today as security forces began the operation to clear the Nahda Square and Raba’a al-Adaweya sites at around 7.00am local time, initially using tear gas

07/18/2013 . By TIMEP

Gehad el-Haddad, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, announced that the Brotherhood had proposed new talks with the interim government using European Union envoy Bernardino Leon as an intermediary. Leon described the

07/11/2013 . By TIMEP

Two US Navy ships that were patrolling in the Middle East moved closer to Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The USS San Antonio and USS Kearsage were moved in order to

06/27/2013 . By TIMEP

Starting late in the day on June 26 and continuing through June 27, the Egyptian army deployed around Cairo to secure key government buildings and installations. At least one source says that

01/28/2013 . By TIMEP

Continuing clashes in Port Said have led to increased violence, with police failing to subdue protesters and rioters who have been attacking police stations in the city. The chaos in