Egyptian Cabinet Approves New Anti-sexual Harassment Law

May 8, 2014 . By

Egypt’s cabinet passed a new sexual harassment law that defines sexual harassment as following, stalking, using gestures, speech, any method of communication, or any means of action that carry sexual undertones or pornographic hints. Violators of the law face fines, a prison sentence, or both. Since the 2011 revolution mob rapes by protesters, thugs, and security officials have been reported. Policemen, however, remain ignorant of the new law. According to the UN, 99.3{9c8763a24342de9df9e4c7e4fa5a5078b0ded20b85a8f2a569dce5b3f3924212} of women in Egypt have reported being harassed, assaulted or raped. Critics of the law say it does not go far enough, while others call the measure a step forward in a country that previously had no law against sexual harassment.