09/25/2014 . By Sara Abdel Rahim

While the verdict in Egypt’s first female genital mutilation (FGM) trial has been delayed until October 23, a health inspector’s testimony in this milestone case may help to deliver a

05/08/2014 . By TIMEP

Egypt’s cabinet passed a new sexual harassment law that defines sexual harassment as following, stalking, using gestures, speech, any method of communication, or any means of action that carry sexual

03/28/2014 . By Nesreen Salem

Cassandra, the legendary princess of Troy whose name meant “she who entangles men,” was a beautiful woman. So beautiful was she, in fact, that the Greek god Apollo wanted her

03/19/2014 . By Sara Abdel Rahim

By most accounts, Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi is predicted to be a candidate in the Egyptian presidential elections of 2014. Despite not having formally announced his intention to run, many

01/23/2014 . By Mai El-Sadany

The new Egyptian Constitution is not a particularly bright beacon of democracy. The voluminous document, comprising 247 articles, was recently approved by 98.1% of voters in a popular referendum that